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  We believe in aligning the 
  interests of management and  
  shareholders by enabling 
  management to participate in the
  success of the business. 


Fulton Capital LLC is a private equity firm that was founded in 2003 and specializes in acquiring companies with revenues between $10 and $100 million. We work closely with management teams at both the strategic and operational levels to grow businesses into industry leading companies through a combination of internal growth and strategic acquisitions. We focus on companies in need of management/ownership succession plans, divestitures of subsidiaries or divisions from large corporations, and other change of control situations.  In all cases, we look for basic businesses with a history of predictable cash flows and strong growth opportunities. 


We will either partner with a company’s existing management team or identify new management if the existing team does not desire to remain with the business.  We will also partner with experienced industry executives to identify and acquire businesses within their areas of expertise. We believe in aligning the interests of management and the shareholders by enabling management to participate in the future success of the business via management equity and other compensation programs. 



Industries Served:

> Specialty Distribution


> Niche Manufacturing


> Logistics


> Business Services

Fulton Capital | Private Equity | Chicago

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